We design and manufacture water treatment systems using capactive deionisation modules and electrodyalysis stacks for a variety of applicaions including irrigation, drinking water systems, semiconductor, wastewater treatment and emergency systems. Our systems range from small personalised units capable of 1L/hr up to skid mounted systems that can provide 10000 L/hr.

Our systems can be grid powered or supplied with a photovoltaic add-on to run off solar power. We can supply and install to remote locations with back to base communication and our remote monitoring feature.

We also supply bench scale systems for R&D and trial applications. Please enquire about our trial service for characterising system performance before you decide to purchase any system. We have extensive characterisation facilities for a broad range of parameters. We also can perform CFD modelling for complex systems to assist with design and optimisation.

Comparing Grid Powered Systems to Solar Powered

In some applications it will be more economic to use solar. So how does it compare?

A breakdown of the O&M cost components for a 16 cell 56ML/yr MCDI system with the capital cost normalised (amortized over 10 years). A MCDI system of this size requires a 40kW solar system to meet the daily system requirement of 160kWh (Clean Energy Council Feb 2014 fact sheet). This effectively avoids the grid components of the O&M cost (MCDI and pump power) and shifts this to the normalised capital cost through the additional one off cost of the 40kW PV system. The net result is a considerable reduction in O&M cost.