• Mincarb-UNSW Awarded ARC
    Linkage Grant in 2015 Round

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Mincarb has been successful in its bid for the highly competitive ARC Linkage grant. See http://www.arc.gov.au/2015-linkage-projects for more details. The ARC considered a total of 710 proposals for Linkage Projects for funding commencing in 2015. Of the proposals considered, 252 were approved for funding.

Mincarb has committed to a 4 year research program to develop efficient and innovative ways to deploy electrochemical desalination systems for applications that are identified as important to the long term productivity of Australia. Such areas include the use of electrochemical desalination to treat groundwater in remote communities of NT and WA, treatment of brackish water for agricultural use and efficient use of photovoltaic solar energy to drive desalination processes.

Figure: Mincarb in partnership with UNSW have developed a pilot plant facility at the Kensington campus to test new ideas in electrochemical desalination ranging from new sensors, materials, process configurations to novel changes to existing processes such as new pre/post treatment add-ons and changes to control logic that can be realised through our full SCADA system. Our pilot plant test bed was designed to accommodate one or all of the above in a streamlined configuration that makes our research efforts an exciting and rewarding process.